About Us

2B Free Therapies is a unique practice that offers comprehensive therapy services. Our goal is to help you live a quality of life that each and every one of us deserves; one that is free of pain, injury, and dysfunction. We want to help you regain your strength and mobility to better assist you in reaching your goals; whether it be a personal best at the gym or your sport, running your first marathon, or simply being able to do the things that you want to do with a freedom of movement.

2B Free Therapies is owned and operated by Karla McConnell.

About Karla:

KarlaKarla has more than 20 years of experience in the health and fitness industry. She is a manual therapist combining her skills as a Certified Athletic Therapist, and Registered Massage Therapist.  Her experience includes both on-field application and clinical practice.

Karla has held leadership roles with the Provincial and National governing bodies of Athletic Therapy in Canada and is also a Level 3 Medical Fascial Stretch Specialist.  She holds a diploma in Sports Injury Management from Sheridan College as well as a diploma of massage therapy and a doctorate of acupuncture.
Karla values the opportunity to help people through touch, therapy and movement. She has built her practice on the core belief that everyone should have the opportunity to live a fulfilling life; free of pain or restrictions.